Success in three steps.

ETIBLOGG has three main goals

1.    To develop an efficient trading system for even the smallest amounts of energy by using modern IT infrastructure and blockchain technology.

2.    To faciliate the actual trading by developing suitable marketplace systems or corresponding algorithms.

3.    To measure consumption and production data of the decentralized units as precisely as possible, and to process spot market price indices in order to enable participants in the decentralized market to act effectively.

ETIBLOGGs project sequence is divided into three sections

1.    The challenges of developing a blockchain-based solution are analyzed and a concept is generated for building an appropriate solution.

2   The actual setup of a prototype (demonstrator) at the Fraunhofer Institute IISB in Erlangen.

3.    A field trial in a public area network (e.g. a shopping center), to transfer insights gained in theory and lab situations into practice.


ETIBLOGG is supported by project partners in three main aspects

1.    Legal framework.

2.    IT security/interoperability.

3.    Business and value-add models.